• Kalahari Key Mineral Exploration Company (Pty) Ltd, registered in Botswana, is a mineral exploration and geological consultancy company that was established by Roger Key, Simon Bate and Andy Moore in November 2014.
  • In November 2016 the company acquired two mineral exploration licences (PL310/2016 and PL311/2016) from the Botswana Government. The licences cover the eastern and central parts of a shear/feeder zone through the centre of the Bushveld-related Molopo Farms Complex in southern Botswana.
  • The target mineralization is Ni-PGE in the shear/ feeder zone. Re-processing and re-interpretation of existing high-resolution airborne magnetic data and regional gravity data has been used to identify target areas. Selected core from previous exploration programmes has also been examined to better understand the geology of the Complex. Follow-up ground magnetic and gravity surveying over selected target areas will be followed by soil sampling to identify potential drill sites.

Key Staff

Roger Key

In 1972 Roger completed his PhD in Geology at University of Liverpool scholarship and started as Field geologist and Principal geologist in charge of the geological mapping programme In Botswana. From 1980 until 2011 he worked on a number of projects with the British Geological Survey (Scotland). These included Kenya, Scottish Highlands, Botswana, Zambia, Mauritania, Madagascar, Nigeria and Mozambique. Roger received the Distinguished Service Medal (Botswana Government) -awarded in 1998 for services to the Botswana Geological Survey Department and in 1999 (New Years’s Honours List) a MBE. In 2011 Roger decided to set-up Kalahari Key Ltd working and training in Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia and Eastern Africa. He is also the External Examiner for Gottenberg University, Sweden and Trinity College, Dublin.

Simon Bate

Simon is an exploration geophysicist with more than 25 years of experience in the minerals and groundwater industries. Comprehensive experience in exploration and project management, remote locations and international projects. Other areas of experience include geotechnical and environmental evaluations. Conversant with all aspects of airborne and ground geophysical techniques for precious, base and industrial minerals. Specialization areas include potential methods (magnetics and gravity), electrical (IP/resistivity) techniques and electromagnetic methods. He is currently the Managing Director of Current Exploration Solutions (Pty) Limited, AEGIS Instruments (Pty) Limited, MGE Consulting (Pty) Limited and a Self-employed Consultant. Before that he was the Managing Director of Quantec Geoscience Africa (Pty) Limited, Managing Director of Micromine Africa (Pty) Limited, and MPH Consulting Limited, in which he was Crew Chief then Senior Geophysicist, then Vice President Geophysics.

Andy Moore

Andrew started his career as an explorer and Marine geologist in 1969. By 2009 Andrew was appointed Vice President (Exploration) (Diamonds) of African Queen Mines Ltd. Before that he was working for Pan African Mining Corporation (PAM) from April, 2005, with responsibility for the design and management of diamond exploration programme in Madagascar and responsible for the identification of diamond exploration targets in Botswana and Namibia. Appointed in 2003 Vice President (Exploration) and a director of TSD, he has worked as an independent geological consultant for such companies as de Beers, Rio Tinto and the Trans Hex Group. Andrew has won the Geological Society of Zimbabwe – A. E. Phaup Award twice in 2006 and 2009. His main research interest is focused on the mineralogy and geochemistry of kimberlites and related rocks.

Our Services

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